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In working with a lot of local Columbus small businesses providing QuickBooks bookkeeping services we have found that they rarely, if ever, take the time to customize their invoices. Instead, they typically limit themselves to just the standard default invoice templates already in QuickBooks.

With just a little bit of effort it is possible to customize a business’s invoices to reflect key information that their clients need to know and increase the company’s brand awareness in the process.

Start with Your Website and Leverage Your Invoices

A good quality branded customized invoice not only brings credibility and professionalism to your business, but it can also be a great marketing tool.

With most of our Columbus clients, at a minimum we add their website URL. For example, for us it would be BookkeepingServicesColumbus.com.

For clients active on social media, it can be a great idea to add links to their social media pages. Account links like this can be added with key messages, recent promotions, and insights. It is not uncommon for our clients to get more leads simply from doing just that.

QuickBooks Invoices Can Be a Great Marketing Tool

Getting even smarter with QuickBooks invoice customization, as part of our QuickBooks services we have added suggestions for new products and services relevant to their customers.

For example, one client regularly generates additional income by offering maintenance and service deals to their customers buying a product. In situations where there are recurring invoices going out, up-sell offers have been shown to be particularly effective.

These can be segmented to great effect. A service call invoice can feature related products and offer pro-active maintenance plans.

Also adding messages that are specifically targeted to different types of customers, simply thanking them for their business and making them a special offer “just for them” can leave a powerful impression.

How you present your invoices can have a big impact on how seriously your customers take your business and payment expectations. Why would you not take every opportunity to present your business in the best possible light and at the same time introduce your clients to relevant offers.

QuickBooks Consultant Near Me – Example Customized Invoice

At the very least adding a company’s unique logo is your professional business card, it helps a business to establish its brand image.

All marketers look for the best strategies to boost brand awareness. Often though, integrating invoices into marketing efforts is missed.

Customizing QuickBooks is a low effort low-cost way to increase brand awareness, up-sell and present the professionalism of your company. Why would any serious business not do this?

QuickBooks Invoice Customization Can Include Data Fields Specific or Unique to Your Business

Data fields specific or unique to your business could be special units of measure, quantity breaks or technical term definitions. If you are a contractor, it could be your contractor’s license number.

If you charge late fees, they should be clearly stated on your invoice.  This can help to reduce late payments and avoid arguments later with clients. Terms of service on an invoice

Providing your customers with relevant information, presented in a clear format can help to manage expectations with your customers. It is also often the detail that matters most to customers.  Most customers will appreciate seeing everything clearly stated on an invoice.

With the right combination of fields and design, your QuickBooks invoices will make you stand out from your competitors.

QuickBooks Services – Need Help with Your Invoices?

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